Location: North-Central Austin
(located in a private home)
8310 Tecumseh Drive
Austin, TX 78753
Students served: Ages 2–5; specializing in children with communication delays; all children, including siblings, are welcome.
Current enrollment: 6 students per group
Model/philosophy: The mission at Speech-Language-Play is to help children with communication delays build rewarding peer relationships through play.  We are fortunate that the current research is reminding us of the importance of unstructured play for all children.  However, children with communication impairments can find themselves without a "voice" in play interactions. In a Social Kids! Playgroup the professional communication support is present to ensure everyone has a chance to learn through undirected group and paired play.
Special features: Specialized playgroup sessions filled with fun unstructured play opportunities in 3 specially designed play areas: one indoor playroom, one outdoor playroom, and an outdoor fenced-in natural space; weekly social skills building activities from the Social Thinking curriculum; the instructor facilitates communication in group play and paired play as appropriate, following the children's lead, rather than directing the play;  playgroups also include a structured cooking activity, lunch time, and small pet care; consultations with private speech therapy are included to incorporate carry-over of speech-language and social skills goals into the playgroup environment; Texas Health and Human Services Registered Child Care Home
Schedule: 9am–1pm, with additional hours available, Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs, year-round
Tuition: $400 per month for twice-weekly enrollment
Contact: Anne Remme, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist and Owner of Speech-Language-Play | annecatherine@speech-language-play.com | www.speech-language-play | www.facebook.com/speech.language.play