Integrity Academy

Location: South Central Austin
1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Students served: Ages 3 to 18
Current enrollment: 60 students ages 3–13; Levels 6 & 7 coming Spring 2017; maximum of 140 students
Model/philosophy: The Integrative Method—using a multi-age, team-teaching, project-based, non-graded, developmental-continuum approach to learning, with the whole community learning together in order to be healthy, wealthy, and wise; the Natural Learning Relationships approach, which fosters healthy socio-emotional development through leadership activities, interaction with nature, business, dramatic arts, graphic arts, maker arts, yogic arts, culinary arts, and foreign language; support of the whole child as well as the whole family with experiential, social education
Special features: A versatile, year-round calendar in which students attend 4 to 5 days per week, 6 to 10 hours per day, with 6 units of study per year (these units consist of 7 weeks of learning followed by 1-to 2-week breaks, and 3 break camps are offered during the nontraditional breaks); whole-food, plant-based nutrition for the whole student body provided by Casa de Luz; connection to farms, food, and kitchen as integral parts of the program. Level 6 & 7 students will work on campus with learning mentors 2–3 days per week and 1–2 days per week off campus at an internship with one of our partners; partners include Natural Epicurean, Urban Roots, Green Corn Project, Karisha Community, YMCA, Earth Native Wilderness School, and Casa de Luz.
Integrity Academy program (M–Th, 9am–3pm): $10,000 per year; $500 registration & $250 supply fee
Annual Meal Plan: $1,000 per year (includes lunch and nutrition class material)
Morning Embodiment program (M–Th, 8–9am): $1,000 per year
Afternoon Performing Arts program (M–F, 3–6pm) & Break Camps (M–F 8am–3pm): provided by Firefly Expressive Arts
Friday Artist in Residence program (Fridays 8am–3pm)
1, 2, and 11 monthly installments available
First steps: Sign up for a seat at an information session here
Contact: Ali Ronder | 512-535-1277 |