Location: Bee Cave / West Lake Hills
Students served:  Ages 5–19 or grades K–12th
Current enrollment: 7; maximum of 30 (2017–2018)
Model/philosophy: Progressive, non-coercive, and self-directed. A psychologically safe space where young people of all ages come together to create their own deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences that will allow them to lead remarkable lives by the age of 18. Abrome Learners may launch a company, start a social movement, create beautiful works of art, master a trade, or get into Harvard or Stanford. Abrome Learners have agency, intention, and purpose.
Special features: No homework, classes, testing, or grades. Instead, each Learner goes through a cyclical process of identifying their unique needs, goals, and interests, and then, through collaboration with Learning Coaches, peers, and members of their community, embarking upon a learning journey that allows them to demonstrate excellence and intellectual vitality. Elite college admissions: Almost 50 percent of past consulting clients have gained admission into Harvard or Stanford, and 75 percent have gained admission into a top 10 college or university.
Schedule: 10am–4pm Monday–Friday. Year-round, 210-day academic calendar. Learners are encouraged to take 30 days off per year for day trips, camps, internships, family vacations, etc. By the time Learners are in their teenage years, they will likely spend significant time engaged in learning experiences in the community during the day, in addition to at Abrome.
Tuition: $13,590–16,191 plus fees; some financial aid/scholarships available. Part-time is not an option, but attendance is optional.
Contact: Antonio Buehler | 989-312-3648 | antonio@abrome.com