Acton Academy Northwest Austin

Location: Northwest Austin
Students served: Ages 6–11
Current enrollment: Early enrollment available for Fall 2019; maximum of 36
Model/philosophy: Every child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way. Acton’s mission is to inspire each child and parent who enter the doors to find that calling and develop the passion to pursue it.
Special features: AASNA is a nontraditional, learner-driven private school. The school uses online adaptive software for math and language, project-based learning, Socratic discussion groups, and examination of the Hero’s Journey and how it applies personally to each student.
Schedule: 11-month trimester calendar that allows for students to have extended breaks throughout the year and maintains their interests and retention by shortening the summer break
Tuition: $1,175 per month for 11 months ($12,900 per year)
Contact: Angela Lucas, Head of School  |