Sankalpa Academy

Location: East-Central Austin/Mueller Development
2215 E M. Franklin Ave
Austin, TX 78723
Students served: Ages 3–8
Current enrollment: 15 students
Model/philosophy: This school’s mission is to develop authentic seekers and change makers who pursue purposeful lives that are anchored in awareness and self-actualization. Sankalpa Academy is a designer school that believes that the promise of our children's potential is too valuable to be left to osmosis.
Special features: At Sankalpa Academy, every child receives a holistic and gifted education through an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). We leverage rigorous academic pursuits and climate (environment, engagement, and beliefs) to build capacity in six competencies: curiosity, cognition, social-emotional understanding, ambition (goal setting, grit, and gratification deferment), creativity, and communication.
Schedule: Monday–Friday 8:15am–3pm, September 5–May 31; after-school care available until 5:30pm; follows AISD holiday schedule
Tuition: $12,000 per year; application fee, $100; annual supply fee, $500; annual enrollment fee, $500; parent conference fee, $1,000**; parent education fee, $1000**;
** These two fees are reimbursable for attendance at 2 parent/teacher conferences and 2 parent workshops annually.
Contact: Ali Ronder, M.Ed., Head of School | 512-525-8078 |