Sudbury Schoolhouse

Location: South of Austin, on the border of Kyle and Buda
302 Millennium Drive
Kyle, Texas 78610
Students served: Ages 5–18
Current enrollment: 13; actively enrolling year round, with a cap of 30 students in the current facility
Model/philosophy: The major tenets of Sudbury Schoolhouse are Democratic Governance and Student-Led Learning. This means that students and staff have an equal voice in the general and specific operations of the school in all facets of its existence, from how money is spent to community rules and even the physical location. There is no prescribed curriculum; rather, the students are given true freedom to explore their own interests. Reading, writing, art, music, science, video games, and all other things are learned through holistically occurring conversations and interactions. Larger or persistent student interests can be given a special budget.
Special features: Sudbury Schoolhouse does sponsor occasional community events open to homeschooling and unschooling families. For more information about special events, please go to the school's Facebook page, give it a like, and check out the events calendar.
Schedule: Open Monday–Thursday, 9am–4pm
Tuition: $475 monthly for the first student. Discounts are given for additional children and paying by the semester in full.
Contact: Andy LaRusch, Director | 512-256-5018