Upper Elementary Teacher (9–11-year-olds) | 2019–2020

School or Organization:  AHB Community School

Job Description & Qualifications:  AHB Community School, an independent, co-educational, and part-time progressive school in Austin, TX, is looking for an experienced 4th/5th grade teacher for our Gamma Classroom (9–11-year-olds). The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate strong background in current and emerging best practices in education, including but not limited to: differentiation of instruction, developmentally appropriate practices, social/emotional learning, project-based and inquiry-based instruction, great communication with colleagues/students/parents, co-teaching with strong evidence of collaboration, flexibility, non-graded/authentic assessment, and positive behavior support. High-level content mastery in the primary domains of Math and Humanities and knowledge of the Core Standards are required. Moreover, the successful candidate will creatively and effectively apply these practices to his/her teaching.

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field, at least 3 years of classroom teaching or related experience.

Preferred Qualifications: Master’s degree, current teacher’s license (or equivalent), experience in progressive education school settings.


  • Plan and implement quality instruction that encourages students to be actively engaged in the learning process, using AHB Community School’s curriculum as a guide. This includes language arts, math, social studies, and science.

  • Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a wide variety of students with different learning styles as well as different areas of strength and weakness.

  • Promote a positive classroom environment and demonstrate strong classroom management skills in order to create and maintain a learning environment that ensures high levels of learning for all students.

  • Collaborate and communicate with students, parents, colleagues, assistant teacher, and administrators to ensure the highest level of learning for all students.

  • Collaborate to plan integrated and/or interdisciplinary units that support the instructional objectives of all curricular areas.

  • Work diligently and promptly to maintain home–school connection and communication and help foster positive relationships with the community.

  • Employ a variety of progressive teaching methods to ensure optimal learning for all students.

  • Use AHB assessment models and evaluations to guide instructional decisions; maintain accurate, up-to-date records; and communicate results to students, parents, and appropriate others in a timely manner with regard to student progress and performance.

  • Perform professional duties efficiently, manage resources effectively, and meet deadlines set by the school.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

 Schedule: Monday–Thursday, with duty time 8:30am–3:30pm (classes 9am-2:30pm)

Compensation:  Yearly contract with annual review

Start Date:  1 August 2019

How to Apply:  Please send your résumé, references, and a one-page educational philosophy that helps describe your interest in AHB Community School to admin@ahbcs.org.

Contact Information:  admin@ahbcs.org