E.S.T.E.A.M Academy

Location: Round Rock (also serving Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Hutto, Pflugerville, and North Austin)
12 Lake Dr
Round Rock TX 78681
Students served: Ages 4–18
Current enrollment: Now enrolling for 2018. Discovery (ages 4–6), 5 spots available; Prep (1st–2nd), 6 spots available; Upper ES (3rd–5th), 4 spots available; Middle School / Jr. High (6th–9th): 4 spots available.
Model/philosophy: Parents and students alike are enjoying the benefits of individualized learning at E.S.T.E.A.M Academy's Learning Community. This is not your ordinary school, and the students are not your ordinary students! Parents and students have a say in what will be brought in and how the school moves forward. Parents also have the opportunity to be involved in the community. The perfect candidates for E.S.T.E.A.M Academy students are self-sufficient, outside-the-box, creative thinkers and risk takers who dream big and are not afraid of failure.
Special features: Learning at E.S.T.E.A.M. includes Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Math, Music, Movement, and more. Enrichment Clubs include Film, Robotics, Art, Mini Maker, Young Entrepreneurs, Performing Arts, Strategic Board Games, Cooking, Gardening, P.E., and Speech & Debate. After-school options include Video Game Design, Cooking Club, Group Guitar, Robotics Club, Kid/Teen Vocals, Digital Art, and eSports.
9am–4pm. Flexible options: 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day programs. 11-month school year with week-long breaks every 6 weeks.
Tuition: 5-day program, 9am–4pm Monday–Friday, $910 per month for 11 months. 3-day part-time program, 9am–4pm Tuesday–Thursday, $680 per month for 11 months. 2-day enrichment program, 9am–4pm Monday & Friday only, $360 per month for 9 months. After-School Project-Based Classes, 4:30pm–6:30 pm Monday–Friday, $98 per month per class. Summer camps (Educational & Maker Camps), 9am–4pm Monday–Friday, $235–385 per weekly camp.
Contact: Nicholle Walton-Durban | 310-384-3391 | esteamacademyrr@gmail.com

4Points Academy

Location: West-Northwest Austin (Steiner Ranch, 2222/620)
5145 Ranch Road, 620 N, Ste F-110
Austin, Texas, 78732
Students served: Elementary and Middle School (grades K–8)
Current enrollment: Now enrolling; rolling admission
Model/philosophy: The Academy's goal is to provide a 21st-century academic environment that will generate happy, well-adjusted, and confident students, academically advanced of their peers. The 4Points Academy approach to educating the whole child produces students who excel in academics while acquiring foreign language proficiency, leadership and business acumen with a global perspective, an appreciation of art and music, fundamental sports skills, and mastery of technological tools. The instructors, curriculum, and programs are specifically selected to provide these results.
Special features: In addition to the core subjects, the Academy offers instruction in Spanish, Mandarin, art, music, IT, programming, Introduction to Business and Innovation, leadership skills, as well as PE and sports mechanics. Part-time options available especially for homeschoolers, student athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and students who travel frequently.
Schedule: 8:30am–3:05pm Mon–Thur and 8:30am–1:30pm Fri; following Leander ISD calendar
Tuition: $10,500–$12,500; tuition may be lower if part-time option is selected
Contact: Nesia Isidore, Executive Director | 512-991-7950 | admin@4pointsacademy.com

Fusion Academy

Location: West Austin
4701 Bee Caves Road, Suite 101
Austin, TX 78746
Students served: The Academy is available for 6th–12th graders; tutoring provided for all ages.
Current enrollment: Fusion is year-round, so students can start classes at any time because their classes are one-on-one; maximum of 65 students in the Academy.
Model/philosophy: Fusion Academy is unique in that every class is taught with one teacher and one student. This allows teachers to create a very customized and supportive learning environment for each and every student.  The Academy also provides students with a fun, creative, and full school culture; even though classes are taught one-to-one, the structure allows a strong emphasis on socialization.
Special features: What makes Fusion work is the commitment to meeting each student right where they are, creating a meaningful connection, and finding the very best way to unlock each student’s passion for learning and discovery.  Also, all homework is completed on campus, to help take stress out of the home. Students can be fully enrolled, dual-enrolled with another school, or take individual classes for credit.
Schedule: Classes have staggering start times. The first class available would be 7:30am, and the school closes at 7:30pm.  Student start times vary depending on their schedules. We offer rolling enrollment, so a student’s first class of a semester starts on their first day, no matter what day of the year it is.  Fusion still runs on a semester system and is open year around, including summer.
Tuition: Total tuition is calculated on a per-course basis, and cost per course for the 2018–2018 school year varies, as follows:
     High school tuition: $3,350 per semester per course
     High school honors tuition: $3,900 per semester per course
     Middle school tuition: $3,900 per semester per course
     Tutoring, including SAT/ACT test prep: $90 per hour
Contact: Amanda Garrett | (512) 330-0188 | agarrett@fusionacademy.com

The Girls’ School of Austin

Location: Central Austin
2007 McCall Road
Austin, Texas 78703
Students served: Girls in K–8th grades
Current enrollment: 150
Model/philosophy: Founded in 2002, The Girls’ School of Austin provides an academically challenging education for girls in a community that fosters creative learning and personal excellence. Its mission is to develop confident young women who lead intellectually vibrant and fulfilling lives.
Special features: An environment that supports quiet study and small-group collaboration; freedom from gender stereotypes that can affect both academic and social development; frequent opportunities to try new activities and new roles; and opportunities to develop leadership skills among supportive peers
Schedule: K–4th: 8am–3pm Mon–Fri. 5th–8th: 8am–3:30pm Mon–Fri. Aftercare available until 5:30pm. Similar calendar to local school districts.
Tuition: $14,730–$16,560 (includes supplies, books, and field trips) plus $1,000 annual registration fee, $2,500 one-time new student fee, and $50 one-time application fee. Financial aid is available to qualified families.
Contact: info@thegirlsschool.org

Great Minds Learning Community

Location: Pflugerville (serving Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and surrounding areas)
901 Cabriole Drive
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Students served: 2018–2019: Gifted and twice-exceptional* kids ages 5–14, grades 1–9 or equivalent (will grow into grades 10–12)
Current enrollment: 11 students; rolling admissions; maximum of 10 students in grades K–3 and 12 students in grades 4–9 for 2018–2019 (2019–2020 academic year: maximum of 10 students in grades K–3 and 12 students in grades 4–10)
Model/philosophy: Three-day program Tuesdays–Thursdays; personalized, sensory-friendly, intellectually rich, student-driven (with guided support), real-world learning with hands-on projects; nurturing the whole child; project-based both in groups and independently; collaborative, creativity- and innovation-based; environment of acceptance and encouragement and social connection. Students can delve deeply into their passions with student-driven goals and “play lists.” No grades, no homework, no standardized tests, mixed-age groupings.
Special features: Tailored to meet the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional (2e)* kids and the intense, challenging, and exhilarating facets that being gifted or 2e brings to your child’s educational experience—intellectually, socially, and emotionally. For students who would benefit from a nurturing, small-group, hands-on environment and who crave the freedom to pursue their passions and intense intellectual curiosity to the beat of their own drummer with like-minded peers.

*Twice-exceptional, meaning someone who is intellectually gifted and also has learning differences/challenges/disabilities, for example: dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, hypermobile/ADHD, sensory processing challenges, chemical sensitivity and allergies, Asperger's/High Functioning Autism, anxiety, or social difficulties.

Schedule: 2018–2019: Tuesday through Thursday, 9am–3pm, August–June, with short breaks throughout the year to allow time for recharging and travel; drop-off from 8:40am, pick-up until 3:20pm
Tuition: $5,000 Founding Families tuition for 2018–2019 (normally $6,000) plus $400 supply fee. 20% sibling discount. Spring 2019 applications received by December 15, 2018 receive the Foundation Families $5,000 tuition (prorated); after December 15, 2018, it is the regular $6,000 tuition rate (prorated). Academic year 2019-2020 applications received by December 15, 2018, receive the Founding Families $5,000 tuition (plus $500 supply fee); after December 15, 2018, it is the regular $6,000 tuition price (plus $500 supply fee).
Contact: Deanne Repich, Head of School | 512-750-1417 | info@greatmindslc.com

The Greenwood School

Location: Southwest Austin / Oak Hill
8319 Haskel Drive
Austin, TX 78736
Students served: 18 months to 5 years
Current enrollment: 18
Model/philosophy: The Greenwood School is a magical place that children will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. Greenwood gives children a feeling of comfort and acceptance, the perfect state of mind for learning. Greenwood provides parents with peace of mind, fostering positive self-identity, as well as social, emotional, and mental well-being. The program's educational philosophy integrates age-appropriate approaches and is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy.
Special features: At The Greenwood School, children enjoy natural toys and open spaces, along with a creative movement room, two playrooms, and a library. Children also enjoy an acre of tree-shaded natural space with two large sandboxes and a mud box. They benefit from having regular interactions with the school pups, assisting in the care of chickens, and lending a hand tending to the gardens. Greenwood promotes self-directed play as a real expression of the child’s individuality that  contains meaning and purpose for them. The loving teachers at Greenwood encourage and protect the sense of wonder and gratitude that comes naturally to a child. The repeating daily and annual rhythms flow smoothly and predictably so the children feel secure and relaxed.
Schedule: Monday–Friday 7:30am–6:30pm or 7:30am–3:00pm
Tuition: $763–$1,064 per month
Contact: Tracy Schagen, Director | teachers@greenwoodschool.net | 512-394-9171

Griffin School

Location: Central Austin
5001 Evans Avenue
Austin, TX 78751
Students served: 9th–12th grades
Current enrollment: 125
Model/philosophy: Founded in 1996, Griffin School provides students with a high school program that values individuality, creativity, and community. What makes Griffin unique is the balance between a rigorous college preparatory academic program and a vibrant, creative, and supportive school community. Griffin students gain admission into some of the best colleges and universities across the country; more importantly, they become creative, curious, authentic human beings.
Special features: Interactive classes are capped at 15 students. Academic programming fosters artistic expression, critical thinking, and genuine involvement in the school and Austin community. The school offers Advanced Placement courses across all disciplines, a broad array of fine arts classes, and a competitive sports program. The campus is centrally located in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood. Learn more about Griffin School at weekly Thursday morning tours.
Schedule: 8:45am–4pm Monday–Friday; mostly follows AISD calendar
Tuition: $16,500 per year, plus an $850 annual fee
Contact: Caroline Wilson | 512-454-5797 | admisssions@griffinschool.org

Huntington-Surrey School

Location: Northwest Austin
5206 Balcones Drive
Austin TX 78731
Students served: Grades 9–12
Current enrollment: 35 (maximum of 50); now enrolling for the 2018–2019 school year
Model/philosophy: College and life prep. Offering full curriculum as well as à la carte courses. Homeschoolers welcome. Small classes, personal attention, a positive learning environment, and a strong academic program help students to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility. Honoring and encouraging all types of learning.
Special features: Low student-to-teacher ratios; unique literature groups; exciting electives; part-time school day; personalized college and career advising.
Schedule: 9th and 10th graders attend core classes M–Th mornings starting at 8:15am; 11th and 12th graders attend core classes M–Th afternoons; some classes appropriate for all grades are offered mid-day. All grades attend elective classes Fridays 8:15am–12pm. School year begins the Wednesday after Labor Day and ends with graduation on the last weekend in May.
Tuition: $15,250 per year
Contact: Catherine Cotman | 512-502-5400 | contact form on website

Ignite Schools

Location: Public spaces in Austin
Students served: Ages 14–15 (grade 9)
Current enrollment: 1 (growing to a maximum of 8)
Model/philosophy: Ignite, a learning model and microschool, combines proven theory in human behavior with new methodology to explore equitable solutions to structural issues in the education system. Students use public spaces to identify multiple environments that elicit inspiration. They focus entirely on the mastery of a skill/content before moving to another skill or new content. They are not pressured by the timeline of the syllabus but are focused on laying the necessary groundwork for educational retention.
Special features: Students meet weekly to collaborate in public spaces (determined by Ignite students). They meet a total of 12 hours per week. They spend four hours completing tasks that require them to observe, think, and create. Experts provide feedback on these tasks. Four hours are spent collaborating on their academic coursework with experts present. The remaining four hours are unstructured to allow students the ability to determine how to use their time and to provide them with time and space to complete a research project. All of the collaboration sessions include critical thinking development and physical education as Ignite sees students holistically.
Schedule: Weekday evenings 6pm–9pm and on weekends. Dates determined by the cohort of students.
Tuition: None; tuition free
Contact: Julia Sainz or Travis Helm | igniteschoolsaustin.org/contact

Inclusive Educations

Location: Northwest Austin
8600 White Cliff Drive
Austin, TX 78759
Students served: K–12; all-inclusive classrooms
Current enrollment: Now enrolling for Fall 2018
Model/philosophy: Inclusive Educations offers all-inclusive classes for grades K–12. It is currently open on Mondays and Fridays, 9am–12pm for K–6, and 12:30pm–3:30pm for grades 7–12. The curriculum is based on the state standards and is differentiated to meet individual needs. The school’s philosophy is to work with each student’s talents, gifts, and interests to develop vision, imagination, practical skills, confidence, self and social wellbeing, and a love for learning. "All-inclusive” means there is a mutual respect for differences. It is even encouraged for students and staff to appreciate those differences and to look forward to how we can harmonize that richness to productively cohabitate.
Special features: Student-to-teacher/paraprofessional ratio is 5:1. A minimum of 30 minutes of one-on-one teaching per meeting session. Instruction is at a challenging yet supportive rigor. All teachers and paraprofessionals are aware of and anticipate student possibilities beyond the instructional scope. Blended learning: instruction is a blend of hands-on, presentation, and technology. Students are expected to do their best. There are discounts for siblings.
Schedule: September–May. Grades K–6 meet Mondays and Fridays, 9am–12pm. Grades 7–12 meet Mondays and Fridays, 12:30pm–3:30pm. For Tuesday–Thursday, supplemental work is given via Google classroom for homework practice.
Tuition: There are several options for paying tuition: annual ($4,800/year), semester ($2,400/semester), or monthly ($600/month).
Contact: Stacy Ford, M.Ed., Founder | 512-270-1005 | info@inclusive-ed.org

The Inside Outside School

Location: near SH 130 & Cameron Road
5530 Killingsworth Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660
(transportation provided from North Central Austin)
Students served: K through 5th grade
Current enrollment: 35
Model/philosophy: Educating for Human Greatness and Nature-Based Integrated Thematic Instruction
Special features: Democratic approach; relevant, place-based, independent, and collaborative study projects that help students learn how to think rather than what to think; reading, writing, and math taught as tools of inquiry; community stewardship; focus on connecting to the natural world; 7.28-acre campus with a natural running creek, gardening, and farm animals. This year the integrated theme is “The Story of Us.”
Tuition: $8,000 per year plus enrollment fee
Schedule: Monday–Friday 8:30am–3:30pm (drop-off begins at 8am, pick-up ends at 4pm); September–August
Contact: Deborah Hale | 512-251-1109 | insideoutsideschool@gmail.com

The Joule School

Location: Cedar Park
3402 Little Elm Trail
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Students served: Age 3–8th Grade
Current enrollment: 17, accepting a maximum of 25
Model/philosophy: Joule is a school designed by a nine-year-old gifted kid.  (You can read this story on the school’s website.) Students don’t sit still and don’t do worksheets. Classes are fun, usually involve singing about what the students are learning, and take place outside whenever possible. Classes are multi-age groups with flexible pacing, so students are able to advance whenever they are ready, rather than waiting until the end of the year.          
Special features:  Year-round school. Students aged 6 and under may choose either a full-day or partial-day schedule. Electives include French, Spanish, Latin, piano, typing/programming, and gardening. The school day is split between time with an instructor (completely hands-on) and independent work time.  Many different areas of study are available, such as pottery, sewing, entrepreneurship, and cooking. The Joule School is the regional hub for Youth Mensa of Central Texas, and Madison McWilliams, principal of Joule, is now also the Gifted Youth Coordinator for this region of Mensa. Activities for Young Mensans throughout the region are offered at and through The Joule School.  It is also the official school of historic Nameless Schoolhouse in Leander, a one-room school built in 1909.  The Joule School partners with the Schoolhouse to explore how the one-room model can be applied to contemporary microschools today, including holding classes throughout the year in its fully restored 108-year-old classroom.
Schedule:  Year-round
Partial day: 8:15am–1:30pm (option for students ages 6 and under)
Full day: 8:15am–4:00pm
Before-/after-school care: 7:30am–5:30pm
Tuition:  partial day, $8,600 per year; full day, $10,500 per year
Contact: Madison McWilliams, M.Ed, G.A.C.  |  818-925-6853 | office@jouleschool.com

Julia’s Garden Montessori School

Location: South Austin
Bouldin neighborhood
Students served: Ages 0–9
Current enrollment: 50 students; now enrolling for Fall 2019 Elementary Program, 75 maximum
Model/philosophy: Julia's Garden is nestled on an urban farm oasis, 3/4 acres of garden property near downtown Austin. The program provides foundational learning skills to 0–9-year-olds based on the principles taught by Dr. Maria Montessori and using materials found in nature. This school is supported by a nonprofit organization that gives families more ways to become involved throughout the school year.  It is marked by a strong parent community, inclusive student body, 4-day academic school week (with optional on-campus Friday programs), foreign language programs, and low student-to-teacher ratios. Curriculum for Excellence, a Montessori-based education system, serves the lower elementary program and follows academic milestones set by Eanes ISD.
Special features: Spanish and Mandarin classes starting at age 2.5 years, part-time program options, yoga classes, AMI trained Montessori teachers, low student-to-teacher ratios, garden & music program, cooking, leadership opportunities, peace education curriculum, parent education events and classes, Friday workshops for ages 4+ (coming soon).
Schedule: Primary Morning Program 9am–1pm; Primary Full-Day Program 9:15am–3:15pm; Elementary Program 8:45am–3:15pm; Toddler Morning Program 9am–1pm; Extended Day Program 1pm–4pm; Early Arrival Program 8:30am; and on-site Friday enrichment programs. School hours are Monday–Thursday, 9am–4pm. 9-month academic program with optional 10-week half-day summer school program starting at age 2. Begins the day after Labor Day and ends the 4th week of May. Follows AISD for most school holidays.
Tuition: $8,500 Toddler Morning program; $10,575 Primary Full-Day Program; $10,800.00 Elementary Program; $11,250 Morning Program with Extended Day Nap. Additional fees: Clubhouse $3,825.00/year; supply fee $300/yr; new student fee  $300 (one time fee); payment plan fee 3% of total tuition; wait list fee $150 (one time fee).
Contact: Katherine Hunter | 512-790-4094 | juliasgarden@icloud.com | juliasgardenmontessori.com

La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys

Location: North Austin, close to the Domain
11709 Drayton Dr.
Austin, TX 78758
Students served: Ages 2.5 to 5 years
Current enrollment: Now enrolling for Fall 2017 (rolling admissions); maximum of 8 students
Model/philosophy: La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys operates on the belief that every child deserves a wonderful start in life. Students are held to high expectations but are allowed to learn, grow, and explore at their own pace.
Special features: La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys is a French immersion home-based preschool that will bring a warm, multilingual, and “green” environment to your child, guided by a play-based philosophy. Your child will be immersed in three languages—French, English, and an introduction to Spanish—in a place that feels just like home.
Schedule: La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys follows a 9-month school calendar (September–May, 9am–2:50pm). It is open Monday–Friday, with options to enroll 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week.
Tuition: Monthly tuition varies depending on your preschool needs. Monday–Friday (5 days per week): $785; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (4 days): $635; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3 days): $525; Tuesday and Thursday (2 days): $395; Wednesday only (1 day): $175. Payment options: monthly, semi-annually, or one annual payment.
Contact: Genevieve Rheault, Owner, Director, Teacher | lapetitematernellefleurdelys@gmail.com | 512-826-6403 | Please visit the program website for more details.

La Tribu Preschool

Location: North Austin
12412 Tomanet Trail
Austin, TX 78758
Students served: Ages 18 months–5 years
Current enrollment: 34
Model/philosophy: La Tribu Preschool is a Spanish-immersion Montessori-based preschool offering a rich, Latin-style, homey environment to encourage children to feel as though the school is an extension of their home and family.
Special features: The guides are fluent, native Spanish speakers to ensure a truly immersive language environment.
Schedule: Open Monday–Friday, 8am–5:30pm, September–May; summer camp options available
Tuition: $750–$1,200 per month
Contact: Carolina Peredo, Owner & Director | 737-208-0108 | latribupreschool@gmail.com

Lake Travis STEM Academy

Location: Northwest Austin
13315 El Salido Parkway
Austin, TX 78613
Students served: Currently enrolling K–12th grade
Current enrollment: 25
Model/philosophy: LTSA is a private, Advance-ED accredited STEM academy built on experiential learning models, combining experiential learning with STEM integration. LTSA’s mission is to inspire and create an authentic curriculum to provide a balanced learning environment, nurturing children’s natural curiosity about their world with student-centered experiences.
Special features: Curriculum is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) integrated into the core curriculum and emphasizes inquiry-based learning, experiential learning, problem solving, and the development of 21st-century skills; teachers are certified, with more than 40 years of combined teaching experience. New this year: M–W project-based collaborative classes for homeschool students to join the academy students. Please fill out an interest request form for a visit and tour today!
Schedule: Rolling enrollment for grades K–12. First day Aug. 27; last day May 23; summer camp programs June–August. Academy Hours: M–Th 8:30am-3:45pm; Friday Enrichment Program schedules vary and are open to both academy and community students. Please see website for more details.
      Elementary School Grades (K–5th)
      Monday–Thursday program: $8,000 per school year, plus nonrefundable fees (see details here)
      Optional Friday electives program: $2,000 per school year*
      Middle School Grades (6th–8th)
      Monday–Thursday program: $10,500 per school year, plus nonrefundable fees (see details here)
      Optional Friday electives program: $2,000 per school year*
      High School Grades (9th–12th)
      Monday–Thursday program: $10,500 per school year, plus nonrefundable fees (see details here);
      Elective, UTHS, Dual Credit, and AP courses will have separate course fees as well as exams for AP
      credit and acceleration (contact the school for details)
      Optional Friday electives program: $2,000 per school year*
Contact: Kori McLain | 512-784-7082 | kori@LTSTEMacademy.org
* You can customize your Friday with an à la carte menu and payment options. Or you can sign up for a full day (8:45–3:30).


Location: Central Austin, near UT
1201 W. 24th Street
Austin, TX 78705
Students served: 2nd–8th graders who are highly motivated, eager to collaborate, and curious
Current enrollment: 65
Model/philosophy: Long-View is a micro-school that grew out of the renowned mathematics program, The Number Lab, which facilitates deep learning, strong number sense, and algebraic thinking. Long-View builds upon the philosophies of The Number Lab and expands to a “focused academic footprint” encompassing reading, writing, science, computer science, and mathematics. In Long-View’s micro-school model students receive a deep and thoughtful curriculum in these core academic areas, and then parents customize the rest of a child’s schooling in regards to arts, sports, and areas of interest after 2:30pm and on Fridays. Long-View is a great fit for families seeking an innovative educational model with a strong STEM focus.
Special features: Students typically progress 2 to 3 years in mathematics over the course of an academic year; unique environment inspired by design-thinking principles; purposeful lessons targeting a growth mindset; hands-on science curriculum complemented by engineering/design challenges; computer science curriculum builds upon thinking patterns developed in mathematics program and teaches coding in Python; reading and writing program follows Reading and Writing Workshop approach and has a strong focus on nonfiction as well as independent choice in regards to books and writing endeavors.
Schedule: Mondays–Thursdays, 9am–2:30pm, with a fairly traditional school calendar
Tuition: $12,500 annually, with a $1,000 registration fee; can be paid in installments
Contact: Lisa Zapalac | 512-988-9887 | lzapalac@long-view.com

Los Amiguitos Immersion, Nature and Community School

Location: Central/East Austin
East MLK, near Airport Blvd.
Students served: PreK3–2nd grade (3–7 years old); now enrolling PreK3–1st grade; expanding up to 2nd grade in 2019 (maximum of 25 children)
Model/philosophy: The focus of Los Amiguitos is to enhance the development of the whole child in a global world, with a focus on creativity, problem solving. socio-emotional intelligence, empowerment, critical thinking, respect and sustainability of self, others, and Nature, and becoming culturally and linguistically aware and open minded.
Special features: Immersion in Spanish (3 days/week) and in French (2 days/week); integrated and meaningful curriculum; inquiry-, project-, drama-, and nature-based learning; yoga and mindfulness; music and movement; arts; acting; gardening and nature exploration and care; hands-on learning; strong emphasis on making a difference within the community (small or large), as well as building community among children, parents, and teachers.
Schedule: 9am–2:30pm (extended day 8:30–5pm) Monday–Friday; 3-day option (Monday–Wednesday); half-day option
Tuition: $700–$825/month for 11 months, depending on program; extra for extended day
Contact: Lila Haham | lila@escuelaamiguitos.com | escuelaamiguitos.com

The Magnolia School

Location: Lake Travis area
2903 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
Students served: Ages 3–12 (through 6th grade content)
Current enrollment: 90 (capacity of 100)
Model/philosophy: Self-paced, individualized, and fun learning; students are grouped by their academic level and taught in groups of varied sizes; lessons are adjusted to meet each child's learning style and are fun so children want to come to school and enjoy learning
Special features: Open year-round, from 7:30am to 5:30pm; parents are welcome to drop off and pick up kids anytime during open hours; 3-week academic boosters available in summer
Tuition: $10,150 ($1,015 monthly Aug–May); summer camps priced separately
Contact: Glenn Carter | 512-266-9620 | info@TheMagnoliaSchoolATX.com

Pint-Size Playhouse

Location: South Austin
Near Slaughter & Manchaca
Students served: Ages 2–5 years
Current enrollment: 10; currently enrolling for summer of 2019
Model/philosophy: Pint-Size Playhouse is a play-based and relationship-building preschool program with a touch of traditional learning spread throughout the day. They like to think of themselves as a playful learning community. Pint-Size Playhouse has brought together some of the best and most powerful parts of many different philosophies and approaches to early childhood education, creating their own vision of what they want their licensed-home preschool program to look like. The preschool offers an environment where children can explore values and experience differences while bringing them together with similar interests. Pint-Size Playhouse teaches empathy, patience, compassion, self regulation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and kindness.
Special features: Award-winning licensed home preschool; Certified Eco-Friendly School – Eco-Healthy Child Care®; Certified Wildlife Habitat® – National Wildlife Federation; enrichment classes: yoga and Music & Movement
Schedule: 7am–5:30pm Monday–Friday; year-round; follows AISD calendar
Tuition: Starting at $730 per month
Contact: Nicole Perez, Owner/Director | 512-282-6644 | nicole@pint-sizeplayhouse.com