AAH Friday Co-op

An inclusive, secular, once-a-week cooperative for homeschoolers age 5 and up; there are three class periods, with a selection of classes offered each period for most age ranges (5 years and up), plus an hour for lunch (North Central Austin)

The Austin Artery

A collective of artists who utilize art as a tool for cultivating emotional well-being, building community, and enhancing educational curricula; offering classes for adults and children, camps, and art-inspired birthday parties (now operating throughout Texas and Colorado)

Austin Bat Cave

A nonprofit center that provides children and teens with free opportunities to develop creative and expository writing skills by connecting them with a vibrant community of adult volunteers; also offers writing groups and classes for adults (East Austin and beyond)

Austin Children’s Garden

Homeschool enrichment for ages 2 to 8; options include an afternoon program featuring art projects, field trips, creative free play, puppet shows, and more; science classes for ages 6–10; and a monthly Kids’ Night Out (Bouldin Creek, South Central Austin)

Austin Creative Art Center

Classes and workshops for all ages, offering imaginative concepts, quality art tools, and techniques to expand the mind, enhance critical thinking, and provide a greater understanding of life’s possibilities (Central Austin)

Austin OneHeart School’s Freedom Scholars Program

Twice a month, homeschooled youth (ages 13–18) will gather at Austin OneHeart School as Freedom Scholars to share ideas and insights with each other and with business and creative leaders. The program begins in January 2018; gatherings may take place on Saturdays, and the exact dates/times will take into account the Scholars' schedules. Full scholarships available! (South Austin)

Austin Tinkering School

A place where kids use real tools and real materials to build, create, and learn, with adults serving as collaborators rather than teachers for maximum engagement, interest, enthusiasm, and enjoyment (most activities take place in Central East Austin)

Austin’s Spanish Corner

A one-day program for 7–9-year-olds where Spanish is taught by native speakers in fun, interactive, and purposeful ways, using direct instruction and artistic expression (Southwest Austin)

Austin Startup School

A 1-day-per-week enrichment program for homeschooled children aged 10–16 that includes morning mindfulness, public speaking & self-expression, financial literacy & economics, a nature-filled lunch break, and business & product development (Southwest Austin)

Brain Fitness Strategies

For bright kids struggling with sensory, reading, or anxiety issues. Using customized brain exercises, kids set their own goals and direct their own program for fastest improvements. Neurodevelopment specialist Susan Phariss uses her engineering background, along with a passion for play, to keep kids excited about their progress. (Sessions offered at East Austin and North Austin wellness centers, in clients’ homes, and online.)

Chinese with Meggie

Mandarin language learning based on immersive engagement, interaction, and fun; programs offered for preschool, elementary, and middle and high school students as well as adult professionals (Central Austin)

Cool Panda Chinese Learning for Kids

Mandarin Chinese classes (in school and in homes) for ages 2 through 6, using the fun and effective Total Physical Response method (Central Austin)

Courtney Harris Education Connections

Courtney Harris is a child-centered coach who collaborates with families and children grades K through early college to grow social and emotional skills and utilize restorative practices to create more ease in their lives. Courtney’s individualized programming provides tools for overcoming challenges related to anxiety, self-advocacy, and executive functioning. (online + Austin-area workshops and events)

Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin

Offering programs for youth ages 10–17 interested in metalworking, jewelry making, soldering, casting, stone setting, and more, including workshops for teens to get them started as makers and entrepreneurs in this timeless craft (South Austin)


An Austin homegrown program available to teachers and parents nationwide to help 4th–12th graders learn 21st-century career skills. Students design and direct great crowdfunding projects online to raise real money for their schools or local charities

Día de los Niños Spanish Enrichment Programs

Offering a variety of programs, including visiting enrichment classes to preschools and elementary-level Spanish Enrichment Fridays for the alt ed community, where you will find students learning language through stories, song, dance, art, free play, and project-based learning (North Austin)

Earth Native Wilderness School

Environmental education and self-sufficiency programs that help children, teens, and adults build strong relationships with the natural world (Austin and Bastrop)

Eastside Music School

A music school that offers individual lessons as well as the new Rock Shop group program to students of all ages—beginner through advanced, young and young at heart—with a balanced approach that puts theory and skills in the context of music you enjoy playing (East Austin)

Esquina Tango Cultural Society of Austin

Austin’s own Tango Corner, a nonprofit organization spreading culture through performances and classes in dance, health, and Spanish and Portuguese language for youth and adults (East Austin)

Explorations at Whole Life Learning Center

Math and science have never been this fun! Get ready for rockets, Rube Goldberg devices, survival skills, and much more. Let's explore! (South Austin)

Figment Creative

Process-oriented art classes for children beginning at age 3, plus Parent and Me classes, Mother’s Day Out, Ladie’s Art Nights, after-school classes, homeschooler classes, Tween Warhols, and art birthday parties—all in a stylish home studio (South Austin)

Firelight Academy

A one-day, à la carte middle school and high school program for homeschoolers that offers graded Honors courses in English, history, math, and science (including safe, commercial-grade labs) in small classes (12:1 ratio) taught by degreed teachers using individualized, “flipped and blended” instruction (locations in Central Austin, South Austin, and Cedar Park)

4Points/IQuest Global Enrichment Center

A community-based educational resource center dedicated to providing creative learning experiences for students PreK–Grade 12, focused on helping students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through small-group interactive after-school classes, academic tutoring, and summer camps (Steiner Ranch)

Freedom Fridays at
Whole Life Learning Center

A supportive, enriching environment where youth work with mentors and each other in multi-age groups to create a holistic curriculum and plan enrichment classes, fun projects, and field trips; program runs every Friday, 9am to 3pm, September through May (South Austin)

Freestyle Language Center

FLC makes foreign language come alive through interactive classes and relevant, entertaining social events for an adult community of learners. Currently offering French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. (Downtown Austin)

Game of Village Austin

Village is a hands-on, interactive game for children aged 9–14 and is designed to de-mystify the adult world. In Village children design, build, and bring to life a scale model village, exploring history, cultures, government, economics, and applied academics as they build and create. Village abounds in collaboration, creative problem solving, personal goal setting, leadership, crafting, learning, and FUN!  (locations throughout Austin)


Afterschool enrichment, camps, conferences, and community programs for K–12 girls, fostering STEM skills development, understanding of the importance of STEM as a way to solve the world’s major problems, and interest in STEM college studies and careers (North Central Austin)

Horse Boy World

With autism and horses at its center, Horse Boy reflects all sides of kinetic and experiential learning that can be applied to autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, and other disorders; offering nature and experiential learning programs (Elgin)

Howdy Bots

 A FIRST Robotics Competition team founded in 2017, Howdy Bots strives to teach and inspire kids and teens about engineering through robotics and participation in the worldwide robotics league FIRST. The team consists of home-schooled and privately schooled students and maintains a friendly, cooperative learning environment for all members. (North Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park)

Hurley Piano

Introducing the world of the keyboard to children and young adults on the autism spectrum and with other special needs, using an innovative, thoroughly researched, and proven methodology (private lessons in the Austin metro area)

Integração Jiu Jitsu (IJJ)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and team competition for adults and children at all levels, led by a world champion, in a modern, comfortable environment that includes a cafe with free wifi where parents can wait while kids are in classes (South Austin)


Jason Phelps Creates

A unique tutoring service that provides specialized attention in reading, writing, math, and performing arts for ages 8 to 18 with an emphasis on integrating the arts into academics, guided by Jason Phelps, a highly experienced alternative educator and award-winning performing artist (Austin)

Kelly Jarrell Family Success

Supporting families in creating habits, routines, and environments that promote success at home and school, Kelly Jarrell uses deep listening, astute observation, and precise intuition to co-create strategies for approaching family challenges with fresh perspectives and new tools (Austin metro area)

Larson Piano Studio

Creative, child-centered individual music instruction with a focus on developing listening skills, rhythm and counting, and understanding music notation, as well as improvisation, composition, and songwriting; offering daytime lessons for students with nontraditional school schedules (South Austin)

Life Ki-do Martial Arts

Where martial arts meets inner well-being! Classes for ages 3–adult, including parent-child classes and homeschool classes. Tangible learning experiences in mindfulness, conscious breathing, and social-emotional intelligence with an emphasis on intrinsic motivation. Focus on connection rather than competition in an environment that encourages empathy, kindness, and teamwork. (Westlake & Lakeway)

Math for Keeps

A math tutoring program focused on providing foundational math skills, going beyond the “crutch” tutor model and instead building and strengthening math understanding based on the student’s unique Math Number Assessment (premier Math for Keeps program located in Central Austin; trained Travel Tutors come to you)

Mighty Writing

Experienced educator Laurie Filipelli provides college application essay guidance and other forms of writing coaching. With in-person consultations, precise written feedback, and a friendly step-by-step blog, she helps students discover their deepest beliefs and hone writing and self-presentation skills to ensure success in college and beyond. (Austin)

Minds in Motion

Children's programs & camps, adult workshops, school consulting, and mentoring that guides people in reaching their highest potential to benefit themselves and the world through movement, creative expression, and reflective experiences

Mr Jolly’s Tutoring

John Jolly offers tutoring in most science and math subjects for middle- and high-schoolers. His very patient, supportive approach is informed by his struggles learning these topics growing up, with teachers who always seemed to be going too fast. John has had numerous successes helping students who have similarly felt disconnected from their teachers.  (Austin)

New Farm Institute

Educating, assisting, and inspiring a new generation of sustainable farmers through farm camps, classes, workshops, events, and an Incubator Farm (East Austin and Utley)

the number lab

A unique program that builds deep understanding of mathematical ideas, a positive identity, and strong number reasoning skills, while constantly leaning on practices that promote growth of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity (North Central Austin)

Olas Spanish Immersion School

Offering small-group, full-immersion, highly interactive Spanish classes six days a week in several locations for toddler through elementary levels

PEBBLES—Project-Based Learning

Curriculum and support for K–8 academic standards; professional tutoring, assessment, and homeschooling services; project-based, thematically integrated learning activities suited to each child’s needs and interests (Central East Austin)

Primeau Guitar Studio

Offering a fun, progressive guitar curriculum in a comfortable environment at beginner through advanced levels, tailored to the student’s individual learning style (North Central Austin)

REACH Math and Science Academy

A college preparatory program offering a full curriculum in math, science, and English for middle and high school homeschoolers through one-day-a-week classes supported by online office hours and 24/7 email access (3 regional locations in the Austin area)

Root to Rise

A rites of passage journey for young women ages 12 to 15 during which female peers and mentors share in the preparation and celebration of stepping into their new identity with courage and integrity (Summer 2016 program takes place in Blanco, Texas)

Slow Family Living

Helping families find ways to slow things down, connect, and enjoy life together (Austin and online)

Smart Cookies School for Girls

Developing girls’ confidence, self-esteem, and friendship skills and strengthening mother-daughter relationships through after-school programs, camps, workshops, and group presentations (Austin and Round Rock)

South Austin ATA Martial Arts P.U.N.C.H. Program

The P.U.N.C.H. (Physical Education Utilizing Nutrition, Character and Health) Program is for students in grades 7–12 who are looking for alternative ways to earn their PE and health credits. Each week, students will take unlimited Taekwondo classes and a 30-minute Health Classroom component based on curriculum provided by the Austin ISD Off-Campus Physical Education program. (South Austin)

South Austin Creativity Lab

A place for young elementary-aged children to explore a variety of expressive mediums in a safe, friendly, supportive, and fun environment; offering classes for families with flexible schedules, such as those pursuing homeschooling, part-time schooling, or half-day schooling (South Austin)


An in-home playgroup program operated by a Speech-Language Pathologist. The daily schedule is filled with fun structured activities and unstructured facilitated play time. The goal is to provide children with developmental delays an excellent opportunity to build rewarding peer relationships. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am–1pm, September–July. (North Austin)

spilled milk social club

An after-school program that promotes confidence, independence, and higher-level thinking skills through the integration of creativity into all facets of daily life; offering pickup from several central elementary schools (North Central Austin)

Starry Sky Austin

In hands-on, experiential astronomy classes, kids learn how to use a telescope on their own, navigate constellations with a star finder, hear star lore from cultures around the world, and experience activities important in setting a foundation for understanding our solar system and universe, such as understanding moon phases, the reason for the seasons, why the north star changes, and the distances between our planets and to the stars.(locations around Austin)


Educational and fun classes for parents to attend with kids ages 18 months to 8 years in the healthiest classroom of all—the outdoors. For kids, it’s a chance to get messy, solve mysteries, move their bodies, make friends, and have fun. For parents, it’s a chance to get together with like-minded parents and learn creative and effective ways to play and learn with their kids (held in parks and other outdoor spaces in and around Austin)

Treehouse Learning Community

A warm, consistent, and engaging community for homeschoolers aged 4–9 to learn, form friendships, and enjoy some of the parts of education that are especially meaningful in a group setting; half-day classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays (Georgetown)

Urban Roots

A youth development program that uses sustainable agriculture to transform the lives of young people and increase access to healthy food through paid internships, life and job skills, and service opportunities (East Austin)

Verona Schoolhouse

Supporting lifelong learning by offering kids and adults unique and enriching experiences drawn from the Austin community's wealth of resources (Southwest Austin)

We Love Music

Free-range music lessons for kids, teens, and adults, with an emphasis on making music personal and fun; offering guitar, bass, drums, and ukelele lessons; helping students explore their creative sides and gain confidence along the way (North Austin)

Wholesome Generation

Changing the junk food culture by providing unique, individualized educational programs for children and parents geared toward healthy nutrition and increasing physical activity levels (North Austin & mobile)

WIT—Whatever It Takes

WIT launches teen entrepreneurs. In the only 6-unit college-credit social entrepreneur and leadership program for high school students in the country, teens meet in 2-hour sessions once per week throughout the school year, creating enterprises, building business networks, and gaining valuable life and work skills. (South Central Austin)


A comprehensive practice combining neuroscience, western therapeutic practices, and sensory processing with the wisdom and teachings of yoga and mindfulness, Yogapeutics provides the tools and practices that will foster a sense of peace, both within and without, in your kids, allowing them to thrive in school and life. Offering semester-long classes for ages 4–16 (South Austin)