Find the right fit for your kid.

Too many schooling options? Or not enough? Either way, figuring out the right fit for your kid on your own can be stressful and time-consuming. The free information you find here at Alt Ed Austin can help ease and streamline the process, but it still takes time to narrow down the choices and explore them in depth—time many busy parents just don’t have. That’s when I can help in a more personal way.

Read on to learn whether a private consultation or group workshop is right for you. And scroll down for testimonials from happy clients!

Private Consultations

I am available for confidential individual and family consultation by appointment. After we set up a time to meet at my office in Central East Austin, I’ll send you an in-depth, confidential questionnaire and ask you to complete it in advance of our appointment so that we can make the most of our time together. A typical 60-minute session costs $120. If you have multiple children with different needs to discuss, I suggest a 90-minute session, which costs $160. These rates cover not only our session but also analysis of your questionnaire, pre-session research, and, upon request, follow-up email communication. Your payment also makes it possible for me to offer a sliding-scale fee for families in financial need as well as my non-paid time spent visiting schools, talking with educators, and keeping up on the latest developments.

To reach me regarding a private consultation, please initially use the contact form, and I will respond as soon as possible to arrange an in-person session. If you live outside of the Austin metro area, we can arrange a phone, Skype, or FaceTime session. I look forward to working with you to find the best possible educational experience for your child!

Group Workshops

From time to time, I offer parent workshops that give you the tools, information, and confidence to sort through the options and choose the schools where your child or teenager will thrive.

Workshops normally last 90 minutes and cost $35 per person or $50 per couple. Parents who have attended a group workshop will receive a $30 discount on an optional private consultation, where you might choose to talk about more confidential and complex educational issues specific to your child or family.

Most workshops are focused on one level of schooling (e.g., preschool, elementary, middle, or high school). You can sometimes find upcoming workshops on our calendar or posted on our Facebook page, but most are privately arranged. If you would like to set up a workshop for a group of your friends or fellow school parents, please contact me to arrange a date and other details.

Our workshops are lively, engaging, and often eye-opening. I hope we can explore Austin's many educational options together soon!

Advice You Can Trust

Here’s some feedback from a few of the hundreds of parents who’ve benefited from my consultation services:

Every city needs this! Austin is remarkably lucky to have so many progressive, small school options. However, the reason so many options exist is that no one school is the right fit for everyone, so there is a lot of nuance to really understand the intention and tone for each school. Turns out, that can be a hard thing to get to the bottom of and takes a great deal of thoughtful research and time. Utilizing Teri's services, you're basically skipping ahead light years in the school search process by tapping into an educational consultant who is highly involved in the Austin school scene. Her questionnaire is very thorough and really gets to the core of what she needs to know about your child and your family's educational values, and then she (very objectively) supplies you with the likely candidates for you and helps you to jump into the application process. Invaluable!
—Angelene Price

I would not have known about these schools or where to look without your services, and I want to thank you for your help and expertise in guiding us through this process.
—June S.


Very informative. I learned a lot and got answers to many questions. I thought it was perfect.
—Paul Felix

We are so relieved to have contacted Teri. Moving to Texas from Florida and trying to pick an alternative school out of the giant list of options was a huge task, and hard to do from out of state. Teri spent the time to really listen to our needs and concerns. She is very knowledgeable about the schools in Austin, and their philosophies and ways of being. She saved us an enormous amount of time and energy by suggesting schools that would fit our needs. She really narrowed it down for us. Totally worth it.
—Sara Atikune

Teri was very organized and really listened to my son’s educational needs. She knows the schools very well, so she could help me make the best choice from the schools she suggested. It was a very collaborative experience. I will be recommending her to everyone!
—Sara Weber