Location: Bee Cave / West Lake Hills
Students served:  Ages 3–19 or grades Pre-K–12th
Current enrollment: Rolling admissions. Learners can start at any time because Abrome is a year-round, self-directed learning space. Maximum of 20.
Model/philosophy: Compassionate, non-coercive, and self-directed. A psychologically safe space where young people of all ages come together to create their own deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences that will allow them to lead remarkable lives by the age of 18. Abrome Learners may launch a company, start a social movement, create beautiful works of art, master a trade, or get into Harvard or Stanford. Abrome Learners have agency, intention, and purpose.
Special features: Emancipated Learning. A learning space free of coercion, hierarchy, and standardization: no age-based segregation, one-size-fits-all curriculum, homework, classes, testing, or grades. Instead, each Learner goes through a cyclical process of identifying their unique needs, goals, and interests, and then, through collaboration with Learning Coaches, peers, and members of their community, embarking upon a learning journey that allows them to demonstrate excellence and intellectual vitality. Elite college admissions: Almost 50 percent of past consulting clients have gained admission into Harvard or Stanford, and 75 percent have gained admission into Top 10 colleges or universities.
Schedule: 10am–4pm Monday–Friday. Early drop-off from 8:30am, late pickup until 5pm. Year-round, 210-day academic calendar. Learners are encouraged to take up to 30 days off per year for day trips, camps, internships, family vacations, etc. By the time Learners are in their teenage years, they may spend significant time engaged in self-directed learning experiences in the community during the day, in addition to at Abrome.
Tuition: A sliding-scale tuition policy allows Abrome to pursue its commitment to diversity, particularly economic, racial, and cultural diversity. Tuition ranges from $600 to $16,200 per year ($50–$1,350 per month) based on age and family income, plus fees. 30–70% sibling discounts based on number of Learners and family income.
Contact: Antonio Buehler | 989-312-3648 | antonio@abrome.com

Academy of Thought and Industry

Location: South Central Austin
1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Students served: Ages 13–18 (grades 8–12)
Current enrollment: 25 (growing to a maximum of 100)
Model/philosophy: Each Academy of Thought and Industry high school is a high-accountability, high-autonomy learning community focused on personal, academic, and professional excellence. Together with each student, we establish and refine individualized goals achieved through personally meaningful work. Each student will acquire the requisite content, skills, and experiences to prepare him or her to thrive in the life he or she wants to live.
Special Features: At ATI, students can expect real-world projects to support deep engagement, rigorous academics, flexible programing to support individual excellence, and a warm community that fosters connection and health. Each child has a personal mentor designed to ensure they are making progress in every dimension. The school features daily Socratic discussions designed to develop their abilities to read, think, write, and score well on the SAT verbal exam along with an analogous mathematics program designed to develop the ability to think mathematically and score well on the SAT math exam.
Schedule: Monday–Thursday, 10am–4pm; independent Fridays with accountability support
Tuition: Please email austin@thoughtandindustry.com for a Tuition Rate Sheet.
Contact: EvaClaire Albion-Wright | austin@thoughtandindustry.com

ACE Academy

Location: North Central Austin
3901 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, TX 78756
Students served: PreK–8th grade gifted learners
Current enrollment: Now enrolling for Fall 2018; maximum of 125
Model/philosophy: Mission: ACE Academy provides personalized education for gifted learners and cultivates a community of learners who relentlessly pursue inquiry with self-determination and resourcefulness. Vision: ACE students embrace complex curriculum, inspire and lead others with integrity, and confront challenges with creativity, compassion, and confidence.
Special features: ACE Academy is an independent, private school that offers gifted programming from PreK through 8th grade. Established in 2005, ACE Academy educates an underserved community of learners in Austin, Texas. A commonly accepted statistic is that gifted learners are those who score in the top 5% of IQ tests. A GT student can vary radically in specific abilities or areas (asynchronous development). Because GT children process information differently from the average student, they need a learning environment flexible enough to meet and encourage these differences. Their unique ways of thinking are assets that must be valued and encouraged, or they may be suppressed, hidden, or lost.
Schedule: 7:30am–8:10am, free morning care available for all students; 8:15am–3pm, school hours for Blue pod–Green pod (PreK–2nd grade); 8:15am–3:30pm, school day hours for 3rd–8th grade; 3pm–5:45pm, aftercare hours. Follows AISD calendar with some modifications.
Tuition: Blue Pod through Green Pod, $15,500 per year, M–F, 8:15am–3pm; Elementary and Upper  School, $15,500 per year, M–F, 8:15pm to 3:30pm. Sibling Discount, $750; New Student Fee (one-time), $1,000; Enrollment Fee (annual), $750; Materials Fee (annual), $400.
Contact: Nicki Hollums, Director of Admissions | nhollums@austingifted.org | 512-206-4070

Acton Academy

Location: East Austin (see also other Acton campuses in the metro area)
2201 Alexander Ave.
Austin, TX 78722
Students served: Elementary School, ages 6 through 10; Middle School, ages 11 through 14; High School, ages 14 through 18
Current enrollment: 100
Model/philosophy: Every child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way. Acton’s mission is to inspire each child and parent who enters the doors to find that calling and develop the passion to pursue it.
Special features: Online adaptive software for math and language, project-based learning, Socratic discussion groups, examination of the Hero’s Journey and how it applies personally to each student
Schedule: 8am–3:15pm Monday through Friday; September–mid-July
Tuition: $930 per month for an 11-month school year (totals $10,230)
Contact: Jeff Sandefer | info@actonacademy.org

Acton Academy Southwest Austin

Location: Southwest Austin
(Exact location TBD, most likely near Circle C)
Students served: Ages 6–11
Current enrollment: Early enrollment available for Fall 2019; maximum of 36
Model/philosophy: Every child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way. Acton’s mission is to inspire each child and parent who enter the doors to find that calling and develop the passion to pursue it.
Special features: AASWA is a nontraditional, learner-driven private school. The school uses online adaptive software for math and language, project-based learning, Socratic discussion groups, and examination of the Hero’s Journey and how it applies personally to each student.
Schedule: 11-month trimester calendar that allows for students to have extended breaks throughout the year and maintains their interests and retention by shortening the summer break
Tuition: $1,175 per month for 11 months ($12,900 per year)
Contact: Angela Lucas, Head of School  |  angela@actonacademyswaustin.org

Acton Academy West Austin

Location: West Lake Hills (serving Westlake, Rollingwood, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, and surrounding West Austin areas); founded in 2015
3423 Bee Cave Road
West Lake Hills, TX 78746
Students served: Elementary (1st–5th), Middle School (6th–8th), and now accepting select high school students (9th–12th)
Current enrollment: 50;  currently enrolling for Fall 2018
Model/philosophy: Every child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way. The school’s mission is to inspire each child to find that calling and develop the passion to pursue it.  The founders believe that “learning to do” and “learning to be” are even more important than “learning to know.”
Special features: Acton Academy West Austin, founded in 2015, is a student-led, self-paced, private accredited school. The school uses online adaptive software for math and language, project-based learning, Socratic discussion groups, and examination of the Hero’s Journey and how it applies personally to each student.
Schedule: 8:30am–3:15pm, Monday–Friday. Acton West follows an 11-month trimester calendar that allows for students to have extended breaks throughout the year and maintains their interests and retention by shortening the summer break.
Tuition: $1,200 per month for 11 months ($13,200 total per year)
Contact: Jayme Bynum, Head of School | info@actonacademywest.com | actonacademywest.com

AHB Community School

Location: North Central Austin (Hyde Park neighborhood)
4001 Speedway
Austin, TX 78751
Students served: Ages 5 through 13+
Current enrollment: 60+ students
Model/philosophy: A creative and collaborative educational alternative that cultivates authentic, balanced critical thinkers who are prepared for a life of learning and community engagement. Progressive, interdisciplinary, inquiry- and project-based.
Special features: 5-, 4-, and 3-day week options; before- and after-school programs and classes available; Monday programs are for current AHB students only, and Friday programs are for any K–8th grader or homeschoolers who have Fridays open, and these programs include Game of Village and The Hermes Lab; multi-age classes; team teaching; hands-on, project-based instruction; non-graded; parent involvement required; private tours given by the Head of School for students and families applying for admission
Tuition: $6400–$8000 per year (paid in 1, 2, or 10 payments), plus fees for enrollment and supplies; some financial aid/scholarships available
Contact: Mary Williams, Head of School | mary@ahbcs.org | 512-299-5487

Aldea Verde Pre-School

Location: Cedar Park
903 Royal Ln
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Students served: Ages 18 months to 5 years
Current enrollment: Accepting applications for waiting list
Model/philosophy: Aldea Verde is a Spanish immersion nature preschool that loves science, colors, music, exploration, and free play. AV students rotate between math, yoga, English, Zumba, science, and estimulación temprana classes.
Special features: Preschool yoga, Montessori-inspired English class, mud pies, music, masa, face paint, butterflies, birds, and bunnies! This Spanish immersion preschool focuses on creativity, nature, exploration, and independence!
Schedule: 7:30am–5:30pm Monday–Friday, with part-time options available
Tuition: See the school’s website for rates for the various part-time and full-time options.
Contact: Ana Luisa Westigard | 512-693-4990 or 512-716-9124 | info@aldeaverdeschool.com

Apple Blossom Center for Discovery

Location: Cedar Park/Leander
1607 High Chaparral Drive
Leander, TX 78641
Students served: Pre-K 4 through 8th grade; currently enrolling Pre-K through 5th and planning to add grades as the students complete them
Current enrollment: 10 (maximum of 30)
Model/philosophy: ABCD is based on the Finnish education model, with an emphasis on social-emotional learning and hands-on lessons. We believe every child is capable and will be successful when every family belongs to a supportive educational community. As a hub for community, creativity, and academic excellence, Apple Blossom Center for Discovery will provide children with the elements of success.
Special features: Located on 2 shaded acres; small class sizes; extended school day (8am–4pm); loads of outdoor time; project-based curriculum
Full-time: $10,500 per year
Part-time: $8,500 (8am–1pm daily)
Registration fee: $250 for new families; $150 for currently enrolled families
     Extras (monthly contract):
     Before-school care (7:30am–8am): $150/month
     After-school care (4:00pm–5:30pm): $180/month
     Both before- and after-school care: $275/month
     Single/Incidental Fees (no contract):
     Before-school care: $10 per day
     After-school care $12 per day
     Late pickup fee (after 6pm): $25
Contact: Tonya Nartowicz, Executive Director, t.nartowicz@abcdaustin.org | Gina Bennette, Curriculum Director, g.bennette@abcdaustin.org | 512-213-4944

Aspire Montessori School

Location: South Austin
7202 Dee Street
Austin, TX 78745
Students served: Ages 6 weeks–6 years
Current enrollment: 50
Model/philosophy: Aspire is a hybrid Montessori school committed to providing quality, affordable child care in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. The program’s goals are to teach children to relate to others with respect, to value friendships, and to believe in themselves as successful individuals. Aspire does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, creed, disability, religion, or any other basis. The Aspire community believes that diverse backgrounds enrich the lives of its children and its staff.
Special features: Amazing back yard, gardening, early arrival and aftercare, immediate updates and parent/teacher communication via Brightwheel.
Schedule: Early arrival, 7am–8:30am; full day, 8:30am–3pm; aftercare, 3pm–6pm (all but Nido);
Nido (infants)room after-school, 3pm–5:15pm
Tuition: Rates and fees vary by age and options selected; for full details, see the school’s admissions page.
Contact: info@aspiremontessori.org

Austin Children’s Garden

Location: South Austin
Bouldin Creek Neighborhood
Students served: Ages 18 months–10 years. Now enrolling!
Model/philosophy: Austin Children's Garden offers a natural and creative learning environment for preschoolers and homeschoolers. The programs are guided by passionate lifelong educators who take time and pride in a thoughtful, experiential curriculum of integrated academics, social-emotional wisdom, and meaningful activities that support the growth of the whole child. ACG draws from the best in current educational research and holistic models of child development to inspire a deep-rooted love of learning and nurture the magical joy and wonder of childhood. See their blog for more details of their learning experiences!
Special features: Beautiful and warm home-based environment; fully licensed, certified teachers; small class size; flexible part-time or full-time options; large and lush educational organic gardens and bunnies; healthy cooking classes; organic/locally sourced snacks and lunches; Hola Yoga bilingual kids yoga classes; process-based art; STEAM and project-based learning; music & movement; science experiments; conscious discipline; mindfulness activities; and lots of nature-based free play!
Schedule: 12-month program with regular holiday breaks.
Monday–Friday Morning Program 8:45am –12:30pm 1, 2 ,3, 4, or 5 days per week; early dropoff 8am to 8:45am
Extended Day 12:30pm–2pm Monday–Friday
Afternoon Program 2pm–5:30pm 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days
1 day/week: Mornings $180/month; Afternoons $155/month
2 days/week: Mornings $360/month; Afternoons $310/month
3 days/week: Mornings $540/month; Afternoons $465/month
4 days/week: Mornings $720/month; Afternoons $620/month
5 days/week: Mornings $900/month; Afternoons $775/month
See website for more details.
Contact: Morna Harnden, Co-Director & Teacher | 512-695-3703 | austinchildrensgarden@gmail.com

Austin OneHeart School

Location: South Austin
8601 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78748
Students served: Ages 3–18
Current enrollment: Year-round academic and admissions cycle
Model/philosophy: Austin OneHeart School believes that everything and anything people do in life flows from OneHeart. Both the Lower School (ages 5–6, plus mature 4-year-olds and 3-year-olds) and the Upper School (ages 7–18) emphasize each person’s connection to the planet and integrated learning. The school invites young people to explore, enjoy, and embrace the wonder and beauty of themselves and the world.
Special features: Lower School activities include gardening, storytelling, music, painting, crafts, nature exploration, and movement. Upper School activities include permaculture; social enterprise training; filmmaking; storytelling (including digital); movement; integrated learning model for math, physical, and social sciences, literature, and history; coding; foreign language; problem solving; mind-body connection; performing and visual arts; parkour; rowing; swimming; and cultural immersion (optional).
Schedule: Lower School meets Monday–Friday 9am–3 pm; and Upper School (ages 7–18) meets Monday–Friday 9:30am–3:30pm. Austin OneHeart School is on a year-round calendar; please visit the school’s website for details.
Tuition: Please visit the Austin OneHeart School website for tuition details and scholarship information.
Contact: S. Kristin Kim, Founder | 737-808-3318 | Open@OneHeartSchool.org

Austin Rising School

Location: Southwest Austin (behind the YMCA in Oak Hill)
Students served:  Grades 1–6
Current enrollment: 38
Model/philosophy: Austin Rising School is a school for homeschoolers offering an affordable 2-day academic program, following a holistic approach. ARS is a hybrid co-op with highly talented paid teachers in addition to parent-taught classes (parents teach one month out of the year). Academic focus is interdisciplinary, challenging each student to their full potential. ARS is a community where relationships are nurtured among students, teachers, and families; a responsive classroom environment where kindness and empathy are the school culture; primary focus on the emotional intelligence of each child through the empathy-based Kids of Kindness Club curriculum.
Special features: Block learning allowing for deep exploration spanning all major content areas; arts-integrated and project-based learning in cross-curricular modules.
Schedule: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9am–3:15pm; August 28–May 8, with Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks
Tuition: $375–$455 per month
Contact: Michelle Larios | learnmore@austinrisingschool.com

Austin Thrive Preschool

Location: North Central Austin
915 Maryland Dr.
Austin TX 78758
(100 yards from Lanier High School, between 183 and IH-35)
Students served: Ages 6 weeks to 5 years
Current enrollment: Now enrolling; maximum of 12 children
Model/philosophy: A play-based,  licensed home preschool that endeavors to see each child thrive while balancing these four aspects of early childhood education: character development, social-emotional skill building, child-initiated learning, and teacher-guided experiences
Special features: Both full-time and part-time options available; also offering preparation for the transition to public, private, or homeschool
Schedule: 8am–5:30pm Monday–Friday, year-round
Tuition: starting at $900 per month
Contact: Summer Jung, Owner/Director | 512-537-0711 | info@austinthrivepreschool.co9

Bloom Preschool

Location: Southwest Austin
near William Cannon & Mopac
Students served: Ages 2.5–6 (older friends may join during summer session)
Current enrollment: 11
Model/philosophy: Bloom offers a loving, creative environment where children are free to learn through play and exploration of their world. Children spend most of their days in an outdoor classroom. As a Reggio Emilia inspired program, children's learning is built upon their interests, and projects are ongoing, inspiring, and meaningful.
Children use emotional learning to build an understanding of self and create meaningful relationships with friends.
Special features: Weekly Life-Ki-Do & Spanish music classes; daily music, gardening, free play, storytelling, art, friendship, community, project-based learning, emotional learning, comfortable home-based environment, outdoor exploration
Schedule: 8:30am–2:30pm Monday–Friday; 2-, 3-, and 5-day options available. Follows a basic AISD calendar throughout the school year and runs through the summer with 2 summer breaks.
Tuition: Starting at $525 per month
Contact: Mary Belton | mary.bloom.preschool@gmail.com

Cherrywood Academy

Location: East Austin
Students served: Ages 3–6
Current enrollment: 6
Model/philosophy: Montessori inspired for seriously curious young learners. The school’s mission is to inspire and encourage children by giving them the tools and confidence to begin a hero’s journey guided by curiosity, creativity, and compassion.
Special features: Montessori approach, Socratic discussions, and small-group projects
Tuition: $825 per month for 11 months; $1,000 enrollment deposit
Contact: Leah Fairhurst, Head of School | cherrywoodacademy@gmail.com

Clearview Sudbury School

Location: Central East Austin
1507 Wilshire Blvd.
Austin, TX 78722
Students served: Ages 5 through 18
Current enrollment: 50
Model/philosophy: Sudbury model
Special features: Self-directed learning in a democratic, multi-age community; full respect for students and intellectual freedom
Schedule: 8am–5pm Monday–Friday; follows AISD calendar
Tuition: $7,500 per year; sibling discounts and tuition assistance available
Contact: Kimberly Engleman | 512-524-0085 | office@clearviewsudburyschool.org

Copernicus STEM, Language and Arts Academy

Location: Central Austin
4605 North IH35
Austin, Texas 78722
Students served: Ages 18 months to 5 years
Current enrollment: Now enrolling
Model/philosophy: Copernicus Academy provides quality care in a campus that is uniquely central Austin. Its mission is to engage children from a young age in creative, STEM-based activities, in a dual-language environment (Spanish), giving children the opportunity to become avid learners and successful innovators. Children are encouraged to foster their creativity and personal expression through play.
Special features: STEM curriculum; play based; arts and language (Spanish)
Schedule: 7am–6pm Monday–Friday, year-round
Tuition: Please call Copernicus Academy for tuition details.
Contact: Myrella Delgado, Administrator, or Rebeca Guerrero, Director | 512-904-9511 | CopernicusSTEMAcademy@gmail.co

Corazón Neighborhood Preschool

Location: South Austin
Near Slaughter Lane & Manchaca Road
Students served: Ages 3.5–5
Current enrollment: Now enrolling for Fall 2018; maximum of 6
Model/Philosophy: Play-based model draws inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning, Outdoor & Nature preschools, and Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness techniques.
Special features: Small group size; home-like environment; priority on inquiry-based learning and outdoor play; integration of the Spanish language; focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).
Schedule: Monday–Friday, with options to enroll 2, 3, or 5 days per week. Hours 9am–2:15 pm.
Tuition: September–May school year: 2 days per week, $360/month; 3 days per week, 550/month; 5 days per week, 790/month. Additional fees: registration & supply fee (nonrefundable, due at each enrollment): $250 per school year. Deposit equal to one month’s tuition due upon enrollment (will be applied to last month of tuition).
Contact: Lulu Bautista, Owner/Lead Teacher | lulu@corazonkids.com

Emergent Academy

Location: West Austin (Near Mopac and Bee Cave Road)
1044 Liberty Park Drive
Austin, TX 78746
Students served: Ages 5 to 14
Current enrollment: 70
Model/philosophy: Emergent Academy believes today’s students are natural investigators, researchers, and synthesizers of information. The one-size-fits-all, studying-the-same-thing, at-the-same-time, in-the-same-way model is outdated and hinders success. Emergent Academy’s mission is to inspire each child who enters its doors to find the spark that will set them on their life's journey. Emergent has developed a nascent and evolutionary model for advancing students. Emergent’s 8th graders are passing community college English courses, and 5th graders are tackling 8th grade math courses. These results are possible because of Emergent Academy’s student-directed, multi-subject, and experiential approach to student learning.
Special features: Emergent Academy utilizes blended learning, which combines the best of online media approaches with the main features of traditional instruction to provide an integrated learning experience. Generally, students have some control over time, place, and path in the online learning environment, which provides a self-paced and personalized experience. Online courses and tools, such as Aleks and Khan Academy, are always supported with guidance from the Emergent educators, or Guides. Students are grouped into four learning levels: the Learning Lab includes the youngest students, typically grades K–2; Level 1 includes students who are generally grades 3–4; Level 2 includes students who are grades 5–6; and Level 3 students are generally grades 7–8.
Schedule: Students at Emergent attend school year-round, with breaks spread throughout the year. Typically, breaks include Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break, and an extended summer break. Please see the school calendar for more information. The school day runs 9am–3:30pm Monday–Friday. Emergent knows that flexibility is important for its families, so you may drop off your child at 8am before the school day begins.
Tuition: $10,500 annually. Emergent is sensitive to the financial situations of all families and is dedicated to providing tuition assistance to qualified applicants. It also offers tuition payment plans and scholarships.
Contact: info@emergentacademy.org | 512-358-1672