Whole Life Learning Center

Location: South Austin
South Campus: 10801 Old San Antonio Road | Austin, TX 78748
Students served: Ages 3–18 (grades pre-K–12th)
Current enrollment: 90
Model/philosophy: A holistic approach to education that synthesizes insights from Waldorf, Montessori, democratic education, and freedom-based learning; offering an integrated cultural curriculum with arts and academics, child-centered and project-based learning, mixed age groups, and small mentor-learner ratios.
Special features: Youth work with mentors to develop holistic learning plans, honoring each learner’s intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development; groups work together to choose enrichment classes, plan projects, and organize field trips. Located in South Austin on 2 acres with permaculture gardens, chickens, and mini-goats.
For more information about WLLC’s high school program, see Sansori High School’s listing above.
WLLC's Early Childhood Program serves ages 3–5 with flexible enrollment plans (2-, 3-, or 5-day; full-time or part-time). WLLC provides loving mentorship and an environment that enriches the imagination with creative play; nourishes the soul through song, stories, and art; inspires the mind through fun challenges and multi-sensory learning materials; and feeds the heart through connection with each other and nature.
      Elementary & Middle School
      4-day Program (Monday-Thursday): $7000 + $250 supply fee
      1-day Program (Friday): $2250 + $50 supply fee (Discount of $250 when adding Friday as a 5th day)
      3-Day Program (Monday–Wednesday)
         Full-day (8:45am–2:45pm): $4200 + $180 supply fee
         Part-day (8:45am–12:45pm): $3500 + $180 supply fee
      2-Day Program (Thursday–Friday)
         Full-day: $2800 + $120 supply fee
         Part-day: $2200 + $120 supply fee
      5-Day Program (Monday–Friday)
         Full-day: $7000 + $300 supply fee
         Part-day: $5700 + $300 supply fee
      Sansori High School
      $10,500 (Monday–Friday)  
      5% sibling discount for all programs  
Contact: Michael Carberry | 512-676-5898 | michael@wholelifelearningcenter.com