Great Minds Learning Community

Location: Pflugerville (serving Pflugerville, Austin, Round Rock, and surrounding areas)
901 Cabriole Drive
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Students served: 2017–2018: grades 4–8, gifted and 2e (twice-exceptional) learners; 2018–2019: grades 1–9, gifted and 2e (twice-exceptional) learners (will grow into high school grades 10–12)
Current enrollment: Now enrolling for the 2017–2018 school year, which begins October 3rd; rolling admissions
Model/philosophy: Great Minds Learning Community is a part-time micro-school for gifted and 2e (twice-exceptional) learners. It offers a personalized, student-driven, project-based, Socratic, collaborative educational community that cultivates curious, creative, and flexible critical thinkers; a love of learning; and emotionally connected citizens. The school uses personalized, differentiated, self-paced online learning platforms; student-driven, real-world, hands-on, project-led learning both in groups and independently; Socratic discussion; and tribe-building activities. Students can delve deeply into their passions with student-driven goals and “play lists.” No grades, no homework, no standardized tests, mixed-age groupings.
Special features: Tailored to meet the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners and the intense, challenging, and exhilarating facets that being gifted or 2e brings to your child’s educational experience—intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Geared to address Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities. Includes touch-screen Chromebooks and headsets for sensory comfort; active learning stools for abundant energy; mastery shown in a format that matches the learner’s strengths; allergy-friendly (carpet-free, filtered water and air, no perfumes or strong fragrances); non-violent communication methods and improvisational theater strategies to develop social skills and manage emotional intensity.
Schedule: 2017–2018: Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am–3pm, October–June; 2018–2019: Tuesday through Thursday, 9am–3pm, August–June
Tuition: 2017–2018: first-year, 2-day, discounted tuition is $2,300 (plus $400 supply fee); 2018–2019: 3-day, 10-month schedule starting in August is $6,000 (plus $400 supply fee)
Contact: Deanne Repich, Head of School | 512-750-1417 |