Location: Central Austin, near UT
1201 W. 24th Street
Austin, TX 78705
Students served: 2nd–8th graders who are highly motivated, eager to collaborate, and curious
Current enrollment: 65
Model/philosophy: Long-View is a micro-school that grew out of the renowned mathematics program, The Number Lab, which facilitates deep learning, strong number sense, and algebraic thinking. Long-View builds upon the philosophies of The Number Lab and expands to a “focused academic footprint” encompassing reading, writing, science, computer science, and mathematics. In Long-View’s micro-school model students receive a deep and thoughtful curriculum in these core academic areas, and then parents customize the rest of a child’s schooling in regards to arts, sports, and areas of interest after 2:30pm and on Fridays. Long-View is a great fit for families seeking an innovative educational model with a strong STEM focus.
Special features: Students typically progress 2 to 3 years in mathematics over the course of an academic year; unique environment inspired by design-thinking principles; purposeful lessons targeting a growth mindset; hands-on science curriculum complemented by engineering/design challenges; computer science curriculum builds upon thinking patterns developed in mathematics program and teaches coding in Python; reading and writing program follows Reading and Writing Workshop approach and has a strong focus on nonfiction as well as independent choice in regards to books and writing endeavors.
Schedule: Mondays–Thursdays, 9am–2:30pm, with a fairly traditional school calendar
Tuition: $12,500 annually, with a $1,000 registration fee; can be paid in installments
Contact: Lisa Zapalac | 512-988-9887 | lzapalac@long-view.com