Media Monday: Appy holidays!

Have you started thinking about a new phone or tablet as a gift for your son or daughter for the holidays? I know that’s often the kind of gift many kids—including my own—are asking for. So I was pleased recently to see a couple of trustworthy media sites suggesting some excellent educational apps.

Take a look at the American Library Association’s “Best Apps for Teaching and Learning, 2015” and then read Joan Brasher’s “Education Experts Offer 18 Apps that Make Learning Fun.” Brasher also suggests ways of choosing apps that meet your child’s learning needs. Vanderbilt University’s Collen Russo suggests using Common Sense Media’s App Reviews.

Common Sense is always a great “before you watch” source of information. Its reviews help parents and kids assess the content of TV shows, movies, games, and books, but I didn’t realize until now that the group also rates apps.

Enjoy everything your new tech has to offer!

Shelley Sperry