4Points Academy

Location: West-Northwest Austin (Steiner Ranch, 2222/620)
5145 Ranch Road, 620 N, Ste G-130
Austin, Texas, 78732
Students served: Elementary and Middle School (grades 1–8)
Current enrollment: Now enrolling; rolling admission
Model/philosophy: The Academy's goal is to provide a 21st-century academic environment that will generate happy, well-adjusted, and confident students, academically advanced of their peers. The 4Points Academy approach to educating the whole child produces students who excel in academics while acquiring foreign language proficiency, leadership and business acumen with a global perspective, an appreciation of art and music, fundamental sports skills, and mastery of technological tools. The instructors, curriculum, and programs are specifically selected to provide these results.
Special features: In addition to the core subjects, the Academy offers instruction in Spanish, Mandarin, art, music, IT, programming, Introduction to Business and Innovation, leadership skills, as well as PE and sports mechanics. Part-time options available especially for homeschoolers, student athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and students who travel frequently.
Schedule: 8:10am–3pm Mon–Thur and 8:10am–2pm Fri; part-time options available
Tuition: $10,500–$12,500; tuition may be lower if part-time option is selected
Contact: Nesia Isidore, Executive Director | 512-991-7950 | admin@4pointsacademy.com              

Fusion Academy

Location: Bee Cave / West Lake Hills
4701 Bee Caves Road, Suite 101
Austin, TX 78746
Students served: The Academy is available for 6th–12th graders; tutoring provided for all ages.
Current enrollment: Fusion is year-round, so students can start classes at any time because their classes are one-on-one; maximum of 65 students in the Academy.
Model/philosophy: Fusion Academy is unique in that every class is taught with one teacher and one student. This allows teachers to create a very customized and supportive learning environment for each and every student.  The Academy also provides students with a fun, creative, and full school culture; even though classes are taught one-to-one, the structure allows a strong emphasis on socialization.
Special features: What makes Fusion work is the commitment to meeting each student right where they are, creating a meaningful connection, and finding the very best way to unlock each student’s passion for learning and discovery.  Also, all homework is completed on campus, to help take stress out of the home. Students can be fully enrolled, dual-enrolled with another school, or take individual classes for credit.
Schedule: Classes have staggering start times. The first class available would be 7:30am, and the school closes at 7:30pm.  Student start times vary depending on their schedules. We offer rolling enrollment, so a student’s first class of a semester starts on their first day, no matter what day of the year it is.  Fusion still runs on a semester system and is open year around, including summer.
Tuition: Total tuition is calculated on a per-course basis, and cost per course varies:
     High school course: $3,075
     High school honors course: $3,540
     Middle school course: $3,540
     Tutoring, including SAT/ACT test prep: $85 per hour
Contact: Amanda Garrett | (512) 330-0188 | agarrett@fusionacademy.com

The Girls’ School of Austin

Location: Central Austin
2007 McCall Road
Austin, Texas 78703
Students served: Girls in K–8th grades
Current enrollment: 150
Model/philosophy: Founded in 2002, The Girls’ School of Austin provides an academically challenging education for girls in a community that fosters creative learning and personal excellence. Its mission is to develop confident young women who lead intellectually vibrant and fulfilling lives.
Special features: An environment that supports quiet study and small-group collaboration; freedom from gender stereotypes that can affect both academic and social development; frequent opportunities to try new activities and new roles; and opportunities to develop leadership skills among supportive peers
Schedule: K–4th: 8am–3pm Mon–Fri. 5th–8th: 8am–3:30pm Mon–Fri. Aftercare available until 5:30pm. Similar calendar to local school districts.
Tuition: $13,180–$14,680 (includes supplies, books, and field trips) plus $1,000 annual registration fee, $2,500 one-time new student fee, and $50 one-time application fee. Financial aid is available to qualified families.
Contact: info@thegirlsschool.org

Good Earth Farm School

Location: Leander
10820 E. Crystal Falls Parkway
Leander, TX 78641
Students served: 18 months–Kindergarten (6 years)
Current enrollment: Year-round school with rolling admissions (for private kindergarten certificate, students must attend at least 4 days per week from early September through May)
Model/philosophy: Waldorf-inspired, nature-based program that seeks to educate the whole child
Special features: Indoor and outdoor curriculum with spaces that are active, purposeful, and peaceful; activities include handwork, animal care, music/instrument study, physical education, art, and gardening, plus Spanish in the kindergarten classroom
Schedule: Open year-round, with regular hours 8:30am–3:30pm and extended hours 7:15am–4:45pm; offering Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and Monday–Friday schedules in all preschool classrooms, plus Monday–Thursday in kindergarten
Tuition:  Varies by schedule and classroom; see the school’s website for additional information
Contact: Crystal Hall, Business Manager | 512-259-3922 | goodearthschoolrecords@gmail.com

Griffin School

Location: Central Austin
5001 Evans Avenue
Austin, TX 78751
Students served: 9th through 12th grades
Current enrollment: 100
Model/philosophy: Founded in 1996, Griffin School provides students with a high school program that values individuality, creativity, and community. What makes Griffin unique is the balance between a rigorous college preparatory academic program and a vibrant, creative, and supportive school community. Griffin students gain admission into some of the best colleges and universities across the country; more importantly, they become creative, curious, authentic human beings.
Special features: Interactive classes are capped at 15 students. Academic programming fosters artistic expression, critical thinking, and genuine involvement in the school and Austin community. The school offers Advanced Placement courses across all disciplines, a broad array of fine arts classes, and a competitive sports program. Griffin is currently expanding enrollment with the addition of a new building on the campus, located in Central Austin in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood. Learn more about Griffin School at weekly Thursday morning tours.
Tuition: $14,650 per year, plus an $850 annual fee
Contact: Caroline Wilson | 512-454-5797 | admisssions@griffinschool.org

Huntington-Surrey School

Location: Northwest Austin
5206 Balcones Drive
Austin TX 78731
Students served: College preparatory students in grades 9–12
Current enrollment: 28 (maximum of 50)
Model/philosophy: Small classes, personal attention, a positive learning environment, and a strong academic program help students to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility. Students learn how to think, not what to think.
Special features: Low student-to-teacher ratios: 8–1 in core classes, 6–1 in math, and 1–1 in literature; 100% college acceptance; shorter class days allow students to pursue special interests; all teachers have degrees in the subjects they teach; Certified Academic Language Therapist on staff offering support for college-bound students with dyslexia and for other alternative learners as needed
Schedule: 9th and 10th graders attend core classes M–Th 8:30am–12:09pm. 11th and 12th graders attend core classes M–Th 1:11pm–4:50pm. All grades attend foreign language classes M–Th 12:15pm–1:05pm. All grades attend elective classes Fridays 8:30am–12:09pm. School year begins the Wednesday after Labor Day and ends with graduation on the last weekend in May.
Tuition: Nonrefundable annual enrollment fee: $2,650 (includes payment for May tuition). Monthly tuition: $1350.00 (excludes payment for May).
Contact: Light German or Johni Walker-Little | 512-478-4743 | huntington.surrey@gmail.com

The Inside Outside School

Location: near SH 130 & Cameron Road
5530 Killingsworth Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660
(transportation provided from North Central Austin)
Students served: K through 5th grade
Current enrollment: 30
Model/philosophy: Educating for Human Greatness and Nature-Based Integrated Thematic Instruction
Special features: Democratic approach; relevant, place-based, independent, and collaborative study projects that help students learn how to think rather than what to think; reading, writing, and math taught as tools of inquiry; community stewardship; focus on connecting to the natural world; 7.28-acre campus with a natural running creek, gardening, and farm animals. This year the integrated theme is “Go Native.”
Tuition: $8,000 per year plus enrollment fee
Schedule: Monday–Friday 8:30am–3:30pm (drop-off begins at 8:00am, pick-up ends at 4:00pm; aftercare 4:00–5:00pm for extra fee); September–August
Contact: Deborah Hale|  512-251-1109|  insideoutsideschool@gmail.com


Integrity Academy

Location: South Central Austin
1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Students served: Ages 3 to 18
Current enrollment: 60 students ages 3–13; Levels 6 & 7 coming Spring 2017; maximum of 140 students
Model/philosophy: The Integrative Method—using a multi-age, team-teaching, project-based, non-graded, developmental-continuum approach to learning, with the whole community learning together in order to be healthy, wealthy, and wise; the Natural Learning Relationships approach, which fosters healthy socio-emotional development through leadership activities, interaction with nature, business, dramatic arts, graphic arts, maker arts, yogic arts, culinary arts, and foreign language; support of the whole child as well as the whole family with experiential, social education
Special features: A versatile, year-round calendar in which students attend 4 to 5 days per week, 6 to 10 hours per day, with 6 units of study per year (these units consist of 7 weeks of learning followed by 1-to 2-week breaks, and 3 break camps are offered during the nontraditional breaks); whole-food, plant-based nutrition for the whole student body provided by Casa de Luz; connection to farms, food, and kitchen as integral parts of the program. Level 6 & 7 students will work on campus with learning mentors 2–3 days per week and 1–2 days per week off campus at an internship with one of our partners; partners include Natural Epicurean, Urban Roots, Green Corn Project, Karisha Community, YMCA, Earth Native Wilderness School, and Casa de Luz.
Integrity Academy program (M–Th, 9am–3pm): $10,000 per year; $500 registration & $250 supply fee
Annual Meal Plan: $1,000 per year (includes lunch and nutrition class material)
Morning Embodiment program (M–Th, 8–9am): $1,000 per year
Afternoon Performing Arts program (M–F, 3–6pm) & Break Camps (M–F 8am–3pm): provided by Firefly Expressive Arts
Friday Artist in Residence program (Fridays 8am–3pm)
1, 2, and 11 monthly installments available
First steps: Sign up for a seat at an information session here
Contact: Ali Ronder | 512-535-1277 | ali@integrityacademy.org

The Joule School

Location: Cedar Park
3402 Little Elm Trail
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Students served: Age 3/PreK–7th Grade
Current enrollment: 17, accepting a maximum of 25
Model/philosophy: Joule is a school designed by a nine-year-old gifted kid.  (You can read this story on the school’s website.) Students don’t sit still and don’t do worksheets. Classes are fun, usually involve singing about what the students are learning, and take place outside whenever possible. Classes are multi-age groups with flexible pacing, so students are able to advance whenever they are ready, rather than waiting until the end of the year.          
Special features:  Year-round school.  Electives include French, Spanish, Latin, piano, typing/programming, and gardening. The school day is split between time with an instructor (completely hands-on) and independent work time.  Many different areas of study are available, such as pottery, sewing, entrepreneurship, and cooking.
Schedule:  Year-round
Partial day: 8:15am–1:30pm (for students ages 6 and under)
Full day: 8:15am–4:00pm
Before-/after-school care: 7:30am–5:30pm
Partial day: $8,600 per year; Full Day: $10,500 per year
Contact: Madison McWilliams, M.Ed, G.A.C.  |  818-925-6853|  admin@jouleschool.com



Location: South Central Austin
1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Students served: Ages 13–20 (roughly grades 8–13)
Current enrollment: 30 (growing to a maximum of 150)
Model/philosophy:  KọSchool is a unique educational community whose mission is to develop FutureAuthors—people who continually improve, can teach themselves anything, and are driven to make the world a better place. The word Kọ (pronounced “co” as in “co-locate”) means “to learn and build” in the Nigerian language Yoruba. KọSchool is designed for self-directed teens who are seeking an opportunity to achieve extraordinary things intellectually, creatively, and entrepreneurially. The school provides the guidance to support distinctive individual achievement. KọSchool has created a purpose-driven culture that nurtures students by cultivating authentic leadership, personal development, and autodidacticism on a foundation of love, reverence, and inspiration.
Special features: Students participate in a core program consisting of Socratic Practice, Problem Solving, and Personal Development & Leadership. During Socratic, students discuss and dissect complex texts, developing their ability to think and write critically. Problem Solving presents groups of students with complex problems in mathematics, design, and engineering. Personal Development & Leadership is a program based on the coaching model increasingly used by high-performance executives, adapted for teens. In addition to the core program, students engage in a variety of independent projects, AP courses, and diverse electives.
Schedule: Monday–Thursday 10:00am–4:00pm, with optional electives 8:30am–10:00am and 4:00pm–5:30pm. The school also offers a Friday enrichment program from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The school calendar generally follows that of Austin ISD (August–June).
8th Grade: $14,700 per year + fees
9th–13th Grades : $17,000 per year + fees
Contact: EvaClaire Albion-Wright, Admissions | 512-256-7675 | admissions@koschool.org